Personal Data Collection Statement

FRIENDS OF NATURE (FON-CYPRUS) LTD is a legal entity. This statement concerns this Entity’s processing of personal data for the purpose of organizing activities.

The purpose of the data processing concerns the Activity-organizing, record keeping, and archiving.

FRIENDS OF NATURE (FON-CYPRUS) LTD collects and maintains data from participants and persons involved in activities organized (hosted, co-hosted, or assisted, guardians) by this entity.

To organize activities, this entity may collect and process the following categories of personal data. The collection of some categories of data may be necessary for the related activity, while that of the others may be based on the voluntary provision of the data subject. Please contact the responsible personnel of the activity for any enquiry.

Data recipients include:

  • Entities to be informed in accordance with legal provisions.
  • Entities to be informed with the consent of or as requested by the data subject.
  • Insurance providers involved.

Data subjects are entitled by the law to the right of access and the right of rectification. When exercising the right of access, they can apply to this Entity in writing.

Information for the AJ Tracker

In accordance to the rules, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award adventurous journey (AJ) expeditions must be self-sufficient. This ultimately means communication is allowed between participants and expedition supervisors, but is not allowed between participants and parents/guardians. This can lead to expeditions being a stressful time for parents and guardians.

We would like to alleviate the situation.

Parents and guardians, as well as the lead teacher involved in the program at the school, will receive password protected access to our online AJ Tracker for only the specific expedition their child is participating in. Updates about progress and weather will be added to the site throughout the expedition, as well as pictures of the participants and teams.

The updates and pictures will only be used for the password protected AJ Tracker with the sole purpose of keeping parents and guardians informed on expeditions. Participant names will not be used in any of the updates or pictures. All pictures and information will be deleted within a week of the expedition completion day.

Please note, in accordance to GDPR, it is illegal to download and use any of these pictures in advertisements, promotional documents or online sites (including social media platforms) without the specific and written consent of those in the picture.